June 8 - July 13

Bryan Carson has two artistic visions. One is focused on the integration of the human form and of the mysterious qualities of submersion, water, and its beautiful creatures. This work represents a stage in between reality and dreams or consciousness and unconsciousness when thoughts are neither fact nor fiction but seem to be a combination of both. Carson’s figurative works hint at clues showing the detrimental effects humans have on the animals represented. His animal subjects are iconic, offering messages of the things that sustain and threaten the animal and its environment. Works by Bryan Carson will be on display June 8 through July 13 in the Community Gallery.

Studio Gallery

July 13-August 10

SPLAT Art Group presents Under the Sea art show in the main gallery at Osceola Arts from July 13-August 10. SPLAT is a group of creative youth living and making art and exhibiting in public spaces in Central Florida. For more information on SPLAT Art Group contact: SPLAT=Students Pursuing Leadership in Arts and Technology.

Main Gallery



Gallery Hours


10am - 5pm

Tuesday - Friday


Galleries and Exhibit receptions are free and open to the public.



July 1 - August 31

Lynda Lardies has been painting most of her life, attending Brooklyn Museum Art School on Saturday mornings and the Art Students League on scholarships. Artist and teacher Philip Pearlstein from the Pratt Institute was a great motivator. Lardies believes “It’s not what you paint but how you paint it. Each brushstroke should have meaning.” Paintings by Lynda Lardies will be on display at Kissimmee City Hall, July 1 - August 31.

Kissimmee City Hall

July 1 - August 31

Jane Luong Moody has been painting Sumi-e style since the mid ‘80’s. Her personal style is a combination of traditional Chinese and contemporary Western techniques to bring landscapes and floral scenes to life. She practices with a variety of materials using acrylics and watercolors to achieve the level of detail necessary in her art. Works by Jane Luong Moody will be on display at Kissimmee City Hall, July 1 through August 31.

Kissimmee City Hall

June 1 - July 31

Jennifer Benjamin's art tells a story. Her art is influenced by her Puerto Rican heritage, her love for the island and her passion for all things pertaining to Spirit. Her work is heavily textured. layered with vibrant colors and design elements, building a dimensional quality that ignites the imagination and evokes emotions of cultural truths and aspirations. Each piece tells a story, celebrating life, preserving a message for the viewer to embrace. Mixed media artworks by Jennifer Benjamin will be on exhibit at the Hart Memorial Library in Kissimmee, June 1 through July 31.

Hart Memorial Library

June 1 - August 31

Osceola Arts - Art in Public Places presents Central Florida artist Grace Senior- Morandi at the West Osceola Library in Kissimmee. Ms. Senior-Morandi transforms images of everyday life into unique works of art by incorporating colorful layers of shapes and patterns into joyful compositions. Art created by Grace Senior-Morandi will be on display June 1 through August 31. For more information on Art in Public Places contact

West Osceola Library

July 1 - August 31

Osceola Arts PLAY IN CLAY Student Art Showcase will be at Buenaventura Lakes Library in Kissimmee, July 1 - August 31. Osceola Arts ceramics teacher Carolyn Davis presents a variety of clay building techniques in her 8-week clay workshop. Lessons include hand building, wheel throwing, altering forms, decorating and glazing. Students are challenged to think creatively, gain dexterity and accomplish goals while having fun! For more information on the Osceola Arts visual arts classes go to

BVL Library

 2411 East Irlo Bronson Highway

Kissimmee, FL 34744